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This porcelain vase has the embroidered texture of a pair of feathers on the front and a stitched seam effect down the back. It was made from a single slab of pressmoulded porcelain that was then folded into shape and joined.  The interior is glazed and the rim is gold lustre, which contains real gold, which really finishes the vase off and allows it to look beautiful whether full of flowers or purely a decorative item in your home. Once the vase was biscuit fired, I painted cobat over the stitching, glazed the interior and fired again. The gold was fired in a third firing.  The vase is washable and dishwasher safe with care.  The vase is 12.5cm high, the base is 14cm wide x 7.5cm deep and the top is 10cm wide x 6.5cm deep.

Feathers folded oval vase

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